What is an Underfloor Heating Kit and How to Buy One

Anyone interested in getting an underfloor heating system for their home is probably wondering about all the components and the ease of installation. The truth is that the market features many systems, each one coming with specific technical specs and characteristics.

Getting a complete underfloor heating kit is one of the simplest options for completing the installation quickly and effectively.

What is an Underfloor Heating Kit?
As the name suggests, this is a kit that comes with all of the necessary parts and accessories for the installation of a heating system underneath the floor.

Depending on individual needs, you can pick among a wide array of options. There are single room kits and products meant for installation in the entire house. The single room kits vary in size and number of components on the basis of room size. There are products suited for use in very small to very large spaces.

The kits come in two main varieties – electric underfloor heating and wet undefloor heating. The second option utilizes hot water circulating in pipes underneath the floor to generate heat.

Electric or Wet Heating Kits?
As already mentioned, there are two big categories of underfloor kits for heating purposes. Choosing one or the other depends entirely on individual preferences and understanding the technical specifications of each.

An electric system is relatively inexpensive, there’s no pipework involved and the number of components is smaller. As a result, the installation will be easier and the system is also great for use on upper floors. On the downside, such kits are expensive to run due to the cost of electricity and they’ll also place some limitations on the positioning of heavy furniture above the system.

Wet kits are incredibly energy efficient and they can be used in even the coldest of climates. They’re also compatible with various types of heat pumps, which boosts the efficiency of the system. On the downside, wet kits are more expensive and they’ll require more serious effort in terms of installation. If there are some issues with the system, the pipes will be difficult to reach.

One choosing one kind of undefloor heating kit or the other, you’ll have to figure out whether you want optimal energy efficiency or ease of installation. Such considerations will make it much easier for you to choose.

Kits should be Provided with Instructions!
Whether you choose to install the underfloor heating system yourself or you want to rely on a professional team, it’s important to choose a product that comes with good instructions.

All kits should be provided with an installation manual. Comprehensive instructions and wiring diagrams simplify the process and reduce the risk of serious errors that can be costly to repair.

Comparing different kits side by side and discussing the project with a professional will make it much easier for you to select the system that’s right for your home. Take your time, explore multiple possibilities and figure out their biggest pros and cons. Based on this information, you’ll make a rational decision that will pay off in the years to come.


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