Air Conditioning: Your Solution Against 4 Problems that Humidity Brings

When the weather is too hot, people debate on this — whether to leave the house windows closed or open to staying cool. When the temperature inside is more relaxed than the outside, it’s better to keep them closed. This is okay, provided that your home is decently insulated. But, if the structure doesn’t have adequate insulation, it can be a discomforting experience to your family.

To avoid the hassle, read this article as it will discuss the solution to prevent the four problems that humidity can bring.

Humidity Causes Harm to Your Home and Belongings

High humidity can make you feel stiflingly hot as your clothes quickly dampen on a hot afternoon. When you ignore the fluctuating humidity levels in your house, you’re putting your home and belongings to risk. Here are the damages that humidity can bring:

  • The paint on walls and ceilings peel
  • Drywall gets soggy
  • Presence of carpet mold or mildew

Humidity Invites Unwanted Guests into Your House

Dust mites prefer areas with high humidity levels. Due to moisture, there’s an increase of organic decay — food source of most bugs.  Also, termites, which are the number one threat to homes, thrive in wet places. When you let humidity levels rise in your house during the hot season, these small animals will visit your area, and they’ll want to stay.

Good to know: According to experts, humidity is a significant factor in pest control. When you reduce the humidity level below 50 percent, bug infestations can be cured downright.

Humidity Activates Toxicity at Home

Moisture can pull some toxins from your furniture and other elements of your house. One example of hazardous chemicals that can seep out is formaldehyde, and it goes into the air. This substance is typically present things in homes: metal in the stove, couch, lamp, etc.  When you live in a house without a system that controls humidity, you’re taking a risk —absorbing hazardous substances into your body.

Take note: When your carpets have molds, they can be toxic to your family.

Humidity Brings Sickness

As mentioned earlier, high humidity levels cause molds to grow and invite pests. These things can lead to allergies to most households due to increased levels of dirt and harmful particles in the air. In fact, high humidity can impact your immune system, and it poses a risk to those who have respiratory issues.

One More Thing Before You Go

High humidity causes many negative experiences for many people, and it can affect your mood. For those who have respiratory problems, most doctors advice to reduce humidity inside the house. So, to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, use an air conditioning unit. If you need help, you can expect high-quality service from Air Conditioning Jacksonville FL — your trusted heating and air conditioning experts in installation, maintenance, and repair.