4 Reasons To Move In Barlett TN

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Elegant countryside with fresh scenery and great local communities are some of the best things that await you in Memphis’ northeast border; Bartlett, TN. Many people chose to live in this city because the cost of living is inexpensive and the town is bustling with a lot of things to do all throughout the year.

Why Move In Barlett TN

Other than having a modern school district, there are several reasons why you should consider living in Tennessee’s 9th largest city. Barlett TN also has some major improvements in the last two decades that convinced more families to move in.

Moving help Bartlett TN can certainly make your transfer worry-free and simple. Here are some of the major reasons why Barlett TN could be your next city to live in.


Ideal neighborhoods for everyone

In Barlett, there are several community options that could fit your lifestyle. If you like a place to stay near commercial and shopping centers, your best bet will be Wolfchase. This part of the town is one of the busiest and is also closest to schools.

If you want a place closer to work, Sugar Tree is located near the town center. Sungate, on the other hand, is for families who like a quiet and laid back neighborhood. Sungate is located in the northeast part of the town. 

  • Accessible to work and business 

While Bartlett is mostly comprised of residential areas, you’ll be glad to know that the commercial district of Memphis is only a quick 20-minute trip. A good number of Barlett residents also have businesses in the city which can also be an employment opportunity. 

  • Great weather

The usual weather in Bartlett is a short springtime between summer and winter. Some people prefer a shorter Winter season and Barlett happens to have one. Thus, the city often doesn’t snow, and if there is, it only lasts for a few days annually. 


  • Not too crowded


In Barlett, people often know each other and for some, this is just perfect. This is because the population of Barlett is only around 60,000, and most local people feel safer with those numbers. 

Ready to move to Bartlett, TN?

This city is growing and developing in the last two decades but kept a suburbs vibe all through the years. With improved educational facilities, friendly community, and growth of job opportunities in Barlett, living in this city just got better.

Moving help Bartlett TN can help you do this by moving your priced properties without the need to worry.