Shaw Carpet

Add Colorful Inspiration to the Home with Shaw Carpet

With carpeting from Shaw Carpet, you can add inspiration to each room of the house in the form of color. Do not stop there, however. Consider the textures that you can get in a carpet that will enhance its hue.

If you have an idea in mind of exactly what carpeting you want for a room, go to Shaw online to view the complete carpet collection. You can get a sample swatch of any carpet you see at a local dealer in person.

Are you unsure of what color your living room needs? Get inspiration from the collections online. There are many ideas that will spark your imagination there.

As beautiful as carpet can be, it also can be functional. It can help keep your home warmer, more comfortable and it can absorb noises. Shop carefully for the carpeting based on its face weight, density, and total weight. The face weight is how much the fibers in the carpeting each weight. The heavier the weight the thicker and more durable the carpet is.

Total weight is the amount of the backing applied to the carpet when it is installed along with its face weight. Remember, that the more decorative you want your carpeting the less you may need to worry about weight and durability. Highly trafficked areas around the house will need to be protected with a higher density carpet.

You can get much more information about the right face and total weight of any Shaw carpet you like. If you browse for carpeting at their website you can get full details. Visit a dealer in person to see and feel the carpeting of your choice in person. This will help you get a sense of if the product is truly right for your personal tastes or not.

Shaw Carpet is a beautiful, durable and stain-resistant product that is right for any room in your home no matter what your vision for that room is. There are many textures, patterns, and colors to tempt your imagination. Give your home a touch of colorful inspiration with several different Shaw carpets.

If you do not have an independent dealer near you, check with your favorite home improvement center. Larger chains carry a multitude of Shaw flooring products. With their durability and stain resistance, you can get many years of colorful inspiration in your home.