A Fantastic Cleaning Service Edmonton

Cleaning command is a cleaning service Edmonton; they offer janitorial cleaning services for offices, schools and construction sites, once the job has been completed. They are an outstanding commercial cleaning service Edmonton; they also provide their services to the local area around Edmonton. They are a independent, family owned and operated company. Their team is made up of experienced and well trained staffs that pride themselves on the quality of their work. Their goal is to provide their clients with high quality work when completed; this has worked out for them so far according to their customer satisfaction record. They understand that its important you have a clean, well maintained office at all times in case a client comes in and you want to make a good impression; that’s why they want to help you with this. They will give you the option of scheduling a regular cleaning with you; this can be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or just a onetime cleaning. They have had plenty of experience with providing their cleaning service Edmonton as they have been doing it for 10 years. They understand there are challenges when cleaning Edmonton and that they are responsible for keeping it clean. They are committed to using effective green cleaning products. Their fantastic experienced staff will make sure to pay close attention to detail when they are completing a cleaning task. They will also offer the option of tailoring a package that meets your needs. They want to be able to create long lasting relationships with all of their clients; this is why they offer a high-level of service and communication.

They make sure to use eco-friendly products when providing any cleaning service Edmonton. This is because they are healthier for their staff, clients and the environment. They want to promote safe, clean environments, to do this they use HEPA filtered equipment which reduces dust and allergens; they also make sure to use green cleaning products.  They see making sure their staff leaves the site safe and healthy everyday as a priority. They think that safety is very important and that all of their employees should be as committed to the same high standards of safety as they are. They make every reasonable effort to provide a safe and healthy environment for their staff in the office and on the work site. All of their technicians are well trained and frequently evaluated to make sure that the work they are doing is completed to meet certain safety standards. Their clients can expect deep cleaning of windows, staircases, all floor types and more.