What You Need To Know About Eaton UPS

Eaton, as a brand, is known for its protection of critical hardware and their innovative power management solutions. Using eaton ups systems is a benefit among others, and here’s what you need to know.


Eaton UPS Systems Cater To The Different Data Centers


Eaton is meeting the demands and needs of data centers by adding simple redundancies or releasing up to date equipment for newly released data centers. In addition to this, the Eaton system boasts of different product designs that 100% support data center power supplies. Here are some examples of Eaton UPS products you should check:


  • Eaton 9355 UPS: This product allows you to maximize space in data centers. It comes with a battery in the form of a sleek tower and is partnered with maintenance bypass switch to distribute power.
  • Eaton Emergency Lighting UPS: As the name suggests, this product is for emergencies; thus, only taking minimal space.
  • Eaton 9390 UPS: For medium data centers, this product is an Energy Saver System that ensures years of high-quality service and reliability.


Redundancies Are At Reasonable Costs


Since data centers have a wide range of products, some are older while others are up to date. Eaton designs are best at saving you additional costs because, with only a few redundancies and the right conditions, the data center is in a high state.


However, an outdated data center may only require simple UPS redundancies to be fully functional in no time. This fix can last for a few months.


Eaton UPS Cares About The Cost And Reliability Status


Eaton UPS offers very reliable and cost-effective systems because most have no idea as to how much downtime expenses can increase. If there is a loss of power, chances are, you are subject to more fees due to product and equipment repair. Eaton avoids the production of poorly manufactured UPS systems because it can cost buyers and users more.


There Is A Variety Of UPS Solutions To Choose From


Lucky for you, Eaton is an innovative brand that chooses to cater to the products’ needs to be it old or new. The systems developed can support different types of data centers, as well as their functions and their solutions.


Use eaton ups systems now!