5 Best Traditional Canadian Dishes You Should Try

If you’re a food lover, then check out what Canada offers its guests. As soon as you arrange your kanada eta, you should step into a whole new world of gastronomical giants. Try out these five delicacies that you can find only in Canada. 


Poutine is indeed a culinary work of art created in French Canada. Poutine is a peppery gravy with a meat base. You can find poutine in anything that you have to eat on the menu. Canadian diners offer poutine in its oldest and original form along with fries on the menu.

Beaver Tails

As a flattened doughnut without a hole, you get Beaver Tails. This dish has represented Canada since 1978 and has been a sensation, especially if you serve it with sugar. Beaver Tails are common at Vancouver’s Grouse Mountain and also at Halifax’s Waterfront. Get your kanada eta now and use it for your first Canadian food adventure. 


Since 1969, the Caesar has integrated itself as a part of Canadian culture. This cocktail is all about vodka, Clamato juice, Worchester, and a rim with salt on it. You can find Caesar in a Vancouver restaurant that offers it as a meal. The meal included cheese hot dog, full roast chicken, chicken wings, and many more. Otherwise, it is still traditionally tomato juice.

Canadian Bacon

Also known as peameal bacon, Canadian bacon is all about lean pork loin. You brine and roll this pork loin in cornmeal. Get your Canadian Bacon from bakeries and restaurants that serve it in the form of Canadian Bacon sandwiches.

Nanaimo Bars

This dessert bar is all about a crumb mixture that has a rich butter icing with vanilla flavor. Don’t forget that your Nanaimo bar also has a creamy layer of melted chocolate. In fact, this 1952 recipe boast s of its chocolate square shape and consistency. Find out more about the Nanaimo vide

Some Last Words

You won’t get lost in Canada when it comes to food. Whatever happens, you should see to it that you have good quality food when you visit the country. Don’t forget the selfie when you have the food already in your hands. Arrange your kanada eta, and you’ll see what food adventure is waiting for you in Canada itself.