Fighting Anxiety at Driving School

People get anxious for their first day of driving experience. At All Florida Safety Institute, instructors condition their students to fight anxiety before handling them the wheel. Here are tips from the driving school Sarasota Fl.

Have a Pre-Driving Routine

Have something to eat. An empty stomach reduces your mental alertness. In driving, you must be well concentrated to attain the ideal level of critical thinking. Cognitive activity consumes calories. To stay alert, take a meal or a light snack before driving.

Reduce the intake of caffeine. Drink coffee moderately, or best avoid it before going for the wheel. Caffeine has a negative side effect of making an individual nervous and anxious.

Take a walk going to school. If you commute via vehicle, stop at least 500 meters away from the establishment. Walking relaxes your muscles and allows more oxygen to reach your brain. In effect, more endorphins, also known as the “feel-good” hormone, will release in your bloodstream.

Befriend Your Instructor

Treat your instructor not just as a teacher but also as a friend. Have a conversation and get to know each other. Your driving instructor will be with you from the start to the end of your driving school journey.

It is crucial to get comfortable with each other. Your instructor will know your strengths and weaknesses in driving. He/ she knows how much you have progressed since you enrolled. He/ she will be the one to determine wheter you are ready for the final evaluation.

The instructor will not only teach you how to drive but will also hand you tips and advises. He/ she will not enter the car with you if he/ she knows you are not capable of learning. Treat your instructor as a friend, and you will be learning with ease.

Be Optimistic And Objective

Making mistakes is part of learning. Do not turn down yourself if you make a poorly timed turn or had to consume time to park. Be objective! You are a student, and you are there to master maneuvers. Every professional had made mistakes when they were still learning. 

Always remember that you are attending classes to learn. Downgrading yourself will hinder fast learning and will lead to overthinking and accidents. Let your instructors motivate you and do not reject criticism. Are you ready to hit the road? Inquire at All Florida Safety Institute, Sarasota Fl.