Space saving ideas and tips from Deco Smart

Remodel and add more space to your home: As a result of a lifestyle change, you may want to enjoy more space in your home. Without going through a whole house extension and without spending a ton of money, we, Deco Smart, offer you a simple solution: rethink the space of your home to gain precious square meters and feel much better in your home. Check out some tips that may be helpful you in this process.

Reshape the space appropriately!

More and more owners are opting for this solution. Indeed, rethinking the space of your home brings many benefits, allows you to feel better at home and without involving too much work. The spaces will fit better your way of life, the circulation will be more fluid, the light will be diffused in an optimal way and a few additional square meters will become available! All this with the same initial surface!


However, to properly rethink the space of your home, some rules must be respected. The first is to accurately determine your desires and needs, the things that bother you every day and design the organization of your home based on that. Interior designers are trained in this type of problem and know how to find the right solutions. Do not hesitate to contact them for a professional point of view, ideas and result.


Deco Smart’s advice to rethink or remodel the living space.

When the rooms of a house are no longer used because the children have left the nest, you can, for example, reserve all the ground floor for the living room, for the office space, and for the storage space. You will gain then a large surface that can be arranged to serve all your long expected needs!

In order to create such a large space and to bring more light, the ideal solution would be to take down some walls. However, be careful with this type of work, make sure that the wall you plan to take down is not a load bearing wall, or that no electrical wires or water, gas pipes exist there. Take all the necessary precautions to completely secure your ceilling. The result? An open space kitchen to the living room will allow you to receive more guests.

Tips from our experts: For people disturbed by kitchen odors, removable partitions walls exist. They make it possible to temporarily separate the space and organize it as you wish !

Redesign the space

Decorating, it’s time to harmonize everything. After rethinking the living spaces, now it is time to design it according to your wishes. Interior architects often include this kind of service in their price. And they can easily create the design that you wish, only by asking you some interesting questions.


Overall work

Depending on the kind of work you plan to do, many workers may be involved. Hence the importance of a design plan is needed before any project is started. Effective co-ordination will also have to be made so as all the work goes smoothly and nice.

Deco Smart offers quotes at the fairest prices made by the best artisans in your area. Our artisans are selected for their professionalism and are then evaluated by our customers.