Why Do people Love Fireplaces?

Ever since people gathered around lightning struck trees and gasped at the wonder of fire there has been a fascination of the warmth and comfort that fireplaces bring to our lives. Fire does more than light our lives. It is a source of security. It provides a fascination that, even in this day and age of online entertainment simply cannot be matched.

The sight of flickering flames is something that draws from us a primal joy. We have caged fire, but it continues to attract. That caging of flames has become part of what we now call home. Fireplaces are an institution in homes. Houses that have fireplaces are sought after – and they add considerable value to any home that boasts them.

However, the choice of just which fireplace to install, should a home not boast one can be tremendously complex. There are simply so many options. There are the traditional wood burning versions – and there are gas versions. Each has its proponents. It makes sense to explore the potential of each – and the merits to each type are varied.

Wood burning fireplaces are renowned for their simple aesthetics. There is nothing like the smell, sight, and magic of lighting a wood burning fire. However, they are without a doubt heavily labor intensive – as well as being costly to keep fed. They are also contributors to global warming.

Gas versions are also wonderful. They provide heat and comfort without the labor or the upkeep and mess which come hand in hand with the coal or wood-fired versions.

It is a matter of personal preference. It depends on a variety of factors. The size of a room, the availability of resources or simply legislation. However, the fact of the matter is that a fireplace not only warms a home, but it also provides comfort and joy.